My Story

     I attended my first Scentsy show in April of 2007! I was going to support a friend but wasn't going to buy anything. I was just showing up to "be supportive". I got there and the scents were on the table and I soon became overwhelmed with the choices that were available! I ended up buying my first warmer that night and only 1 bar. I would never really use it! I loved the candles that I have been using for ever and these, well they couldn't be as good!     With in a few days of recieving my order I was on the phone with Mel, the consultant booking my own show! I couldn't wait! At my show I earned a few more warmers and plenty of scents to get me by! I WAS SOLD! I had contemplated joining Scentsy but really wasn't sure, like many others in my area I had tried the "home party" thing and it really never got off the ground for me. Why would Scentsy be any different?  After talking with my husband and deciding it might be a good thing to join, I took one last leap of faith! I joined Scentsy in June of 2007!     I made Director in November of 2008 and WOW what an amazing journey I have had! I have a great team! I was able to go with my husband on a Scentsy Cruise to Baja Mexico! It was AMAZING! Scentsy provided us 17 years later with a honeymoon we never had. My husband was laid off right before Christmas in 2007, with Scentsy I wasn't worried at all that Santa would still be able to find our 5 beautiful Children! Scentsy is truly amazing, it has given me confidence and self worth. I have learned so much from being part of this amazing company! Scentsy's core foundations are Authenticity, Generosity and Simplicity! They for sure have brought a little of all of those into my life. This is a Authentic product that is simple! People love it! I have learned what true generosity is by the great examples of Orville and Heidi Thompson and all of the Scentsy family. I am never shocked to find out what they have done now! They are amazing! They have helped me see that even if you can only give a little, you should still give. I love Scentsy and I am so very proud to call them family and be part of such a wonderful group of people!Aubri <!--endbody-->